Services Overview

What We Deliver

Advanced cyber services should be dynamic, taking into account an organization’s unique characteristics. Volexity offers protection for your most important data assets, including customized threat intelligence through advanced analytics and, when needed, thorough incident response and suppression for your organization.

Agile Incident Response

A proper incident response strategy can be the difference between replacing a single computer and rebuilding an entire global network. Volexity works rapidly to size, scope, contain, and remediate incidents.

Network Security Monitoring

Through around-the-clock critical infrastructure protection, Volexity enhances your organization’s capabilities to quickly detect advanced threats, hunt for anomalous activity, facilitate rapid incident response, and suppress and mitigate damage.

Proactive Threat Assessments

Beyond simple checkbox-style audits, Volexity has helped organizations gain insight and confidence in their information infrastructure, evaluate their current security posture, and improve their resilience to advanced threats.

Interactive Threat Intelligence

Volexity actively tracks advanced threat groups’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to determine existing and emerging threats to a client’s assets, and to prioritize security resources using customized, evidence-based, actionable reports.

M&A Cybersecurity Assessments

Volexity leverages its extensive investigative experience and unique threat intelligence sources to proactively identify weaknesses and active intrusions in support of a more secure network and M&A process.

The Volexity Advantage

Expertise You Can Trust

Unrivaled industry experience lends superior guidance through an uncharted threat landscape—where your organization needs it.

Technology You Can Rely On

Pioneering, scalable detection and response tools offer unique visibility into entire systems’ runtime state—with proven results.

Services You Can Partner With

Incident response and network security monitoring solutions protect your organization’s most important data assets.