Incident Response

Agile Response to Advanced Threats

Suspecting, discovering, or being notified of an incident can be a trying time. Adding insult to injury, organizations often discover incidents well after they’ve started. However, it is never too late to respond—in fact, the sooner the better. Volexity’s incident response services include many actions performed in parallel and tailored to each specific customer and their environment, offering a complete, immediate picture of what happened.

By leveraging existing data sources to collect evidence quickly, Volexity obtains critical visibility to determine if an incident has occurred, as well as the scope and scale of the breach. Together with threat intelligence, this helps drive a strategy to respond meaningfully to the intrusion.

Features & Benefits

  • Active response using state of the art forensic technology
  • Collaborative strategizing, working as an extension of the customer’s team
  • Incident suppression and remediation with a focus on permanently eliminating intruders’ foothold
  • Network hunting, RAM and runtime state analysis detect indicators of compromise
  • Log file and user activity audits identify suspicious activity and data exfiltration
  • Industry-leading threat intelligence and incident response playbook development

Case Study


A large Fortune 500 company suffered a significant breach by a sophisticated threat group, which was actively attempting to exfiltrate sensitive data. A traditional forensics firm had spent most of its time imaging hard drives and was unable to get ahead of the adversary.


By leveraging subject matter experts, groundbreaking technology, and vetted threat intelligence, Volexity was able to rapidly triage the environment and disrupt the malicious actors by hunting for indicators of compromise through the globally distributed network and systems.


Volexity saved the company significant money in incident response costs, dramatically reducing the potential business impact. As a result, the Fortune 500 Company opted to continue to work with Volexity to meaningfully expand its incident response and monitoring capabilities.