Threat Intelligence

Actionable, High-Fidelity Threat Intelligence

Advanced threat groups do not discriminate among verticals, and they constantly change their mode of attack. Volexity’s interactive threat intelligence actively tracks these groups’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to determine existing and emerging threats to a client’s assets. Together with the insights and inquiries gleaned from clients, Volexity develops customized, evidence-based, intelligence reports which clients can use to prioritize their security resources.

By supplying timely, context-rich, immediately actionable threat information to IT and information security personnel, Volexity stays ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape—a capability that traditional security products or services can struggle to achieve. This way, Volexity helps its clients to reduce business risk and improve customer, partner, and shareholder confidence.

Features & Benefits

  • Leverages precise knowledge about how intruders typically operate within enterprise environments
  • Offers detailed artifacts associated with their activities
  • Provides organizations with actionable information and threat intelligence centered on attacker TTPs
  • Identifies advanced persistent threat (APT) activity based on network and system based indicators

Case Study


A large international media organization engaged Volexity to provide detailed context about the threats they were facing. The volume of raw data and a steady stream of false positives had left the organization’s resources overwhelmed.


Volexity worked with the organization to obtain additional insight into their operations and brands, and established a bidirectional channel for information sharing. Volexity also provided threat indicators related to new domain registrations and network activity.


This solution gave the organization access to industry leading subject matter experts and high fidelity threat intelligence, dramatically improving its ability to prioritize and stay ahead of threats to their infrastructure.