Mergers & Acquisitions – Cybersecurity Assessments

Acquire a Company, Not a Compromise

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) allow for the expansion of an organization’s reach, market share, and offerings. It also poses a risk of inheriting another organization’s compromise. With breaches and data leaks prevalent across all industry verticals, assessing the security posture of the acquired or consolidated prospect company is critical. Volexity’s M&A Security Assurance allows organizations, both pre- or post-acquisition, to minimize risk inheritance and gain deeper insight into the prospect entity’s current security posture.

The Volexity team leverages its extensive investigative experience and unique threat intelligence sources to conduct threat assessments, hunting for indications of suspicious activity within client organizations. More than a simple checkbox-style audit, threat assessments have helped organizations regain confidence in their acquired infrastructure and improve their overall resilience to advanced threats.

Features & Benefits

  • Collection and review of various resources to assess an organization’s current security posture
  • Analysis of specific logs and data to identify signs of ongoing or past intrusions
  • Seamless transition to incident response, suppression, and remediation upon detection of an ongoing breach
  • Deployment of Volexity’s network security monitoring equipment to high-value network segments
  • Detailed report containing prioritized findings and best practice recommendations to strengthen the organization’s security posture

Case Study


A global industrial technology company was growing by way of acquisition. They were concerned about the cybersecurity posture of a prospective company, and engaged Volexity to help assess the overall risk from a cybersecurity perspective


Deploying its Network Security Sensors to the network of the prospective company, Volexity analyzed traffic for signs of malware beaconing and other suspicious network traffic. Volexity also performed proactive memory collections of key, critical systems to look for signs of ongoing or past compromise.


Volexity discovered a previously undetected, active ransomware threat actor. Volexity’s analysis and subsequent findings allowed the acquiring company to take action and properly remediate the incident, thus preventing a potentially devastating ransomware attack from crossing over to the main infrastructure.