Network Security Monitoring

Flexible Security Services for Any Organization

Organizations that want to detect advanced threats, hunt for anomalous activity, and facilitate rapid incident response require around-the-clock critical infrastructure protection. Volexity’s Network Security Monitoring service enhances your team’s capabilities to quickly find the threats, suppress the damage, and deploy mitigating solutions.

Strong network security happens in multiple ways: visibility on both micro and macro levels, during short and long term deployments, in proactive or reactive capacities. Using a combination of open source and proprietary data and signatures, the Volexity Network Security Sensor (NSS) monitors traffic to bring often-unnoticed events to light. The NSS is based on experience protecting the private networks and shared environments (data centers, cloud, hosted, etc.) of hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to talented analysts using the latest technologies for a fixed monthly fee
  • A collaborative partnership that extends beyond transactional, minimum requirements
  • Analysis of alerts, their validation or invalidation, and reporting
  • Integrated forensics capability for remotely interrogating suspected hosts

Case Study


Despite deploying a defense in-depth strategy of next-generation security solutions, a leading technology company was notified by law enforcement about compromised systems within their environment. Unfortunately, their analysts lacked the necessary visibility and were often inundated with false positives.


By instrumenting the company’s environment to increase visibility and leverage threat intelligence, the Volexity NSS immediately detected a team of advanced actors accessing the company through its Virtual Private Network (VPN), moving laterally through the infrastructure and attempting to access additional internal systems.


Volexity analysts rapidly verified alerting and worked with the company to temporarily disable VPN access, take affected systems offline, and reset credentials. Volexity also helped to decommission unnecessary servers, implement two-factor authentication, and limit their attack surface with additional firewall settings.