Proactive Threat Assessments

Proactive Hunting for Advanced Threats

One of the most challenging problems currently facing organizations is the uncertainty associated with determining if their systems or infrastructure have been compromised. Volexity’s proactive threat assessments allow organizations to gain insight into the opaque corners of their information infrastructure and evaluate their current security posture.

The Volexity team leverages its extensive investigative experience and unique threat intelligence sources to conduct proactive threat assessments, hunting for indications of suspicious activity within client organizations. More than a simple checkbox-style audit, proactive threat assessments have helped organizations regain confidence in their infrastructure and improve their overall resilience to advanced threats.

Features & Benefits

  • Collection of various resources and logs that include active intrusion signs
  • Seamless switch to incident response handling, suppression, and remediation upon detection of an ongoing breach
  • Quarterly, annual, or one-time assessments
  • Analysis of volatile memory and disks from a sampling of high value systems
  • Placement of Volexity’s network security monitoring equipment onto high-value network segments

Case Study


After a series of suspicious and unexplainable events on executive computers, a large defense contractor engaged the Volexity team to perform a Proactive Threat Assessment.


By instrumenting the contractor’s environment to increase visibility and leverage threat intelligence, the Volexity team quickly identified advanced actors who had operated undetected within the environment for over a year. The engagement seamlessly transitioned into an incident response.


Post-remediation quarterly proactive threat assessments have enabled the Volexity team to build a detailed understanding of the contractor’s environment and strong relationship with the security staff, facilitating rapid response and reduced security related expenditures.