In late 2017, Volexity began tracking a new e-commerce financial data theft framework named JS Sniffer. The framework gives attackers a quick and efficient way to steal data from compromised e-commerce websites. JS Sniffer is optimized to steal data from compromised websites running the Magento e-commerce platform. However, Volexity has observed the framework on e-commerce websites leveraging OpenCart,, Shopify, WordPress, and others as well. Volexity initially identified the framework following a highly targeted attack campaign against a website that facilitates online ticket sales for numerous events and venues. One of the websites affected by this breach was an online retailer selling tickets for New Year’s Eve events in a large metropolitan area. The website’s checkout page was modified to house malicious code designed to steal information entered, such as name, address, credit card data, and even login credentials. This was done through the use of embedded JavaScript, collecting user […]