Note: Volexity has reported the activity described in this blog and details of the impacted systems to CERT at the National Informatics Centre (NIC) in India. In 2024, Volexity identified a cyber-espionage campaign undertaken by a suspected Pakistan-based threat actor that Volexity currently tracks under the alias UTA0137. The malware used in these recent campaigns, which Volexity tracks as DISGOMOJI, is written in Golang and compiled for Linux systems. Volexity assesses with high confidence that UTA0137 has espionage-related objectives and a remit to target government entities in India. Based on Volexity’s analysis, UTA0137’s campaigns appear to have been successful. DISGOMOJI appears to be exclusively used by UTA0137. It is a modified version of the public project discord-c2, which uses the messaging service Discord for command and control (C2), making use of emojis for its C2 communication. The use of Linux malware for initial access paired with decoy documents (suggesting a […]